So, fell off the bandwagon (again) but while I finally get around to typing out the 298304 blog article ideas I have, here’s a mini-essay in response to an article by my oh-so-smart boyfriend:


“The most interesting thing I take from the article and the bloggers is how easily Americans get caught up in defining a great “leader” by pointing out how much a person spent/provided for the citizens. The most difficult thing for other countries to grasp, and now most young Americans, is that the US is on a separate scale (should be/used to be) from all others. The third option in governing is through individualism. Stating that the US has poor people or doesn’t care for the poor is/should be completely irrelevant to what the purpose of the US actually is. In all other parts of the world, they dictate ‘poorness’ by how much or less the government provides. In the US, ‘poorness’ is dictated by how good or bad the economy is. America is “good” because the individual has the ability to choose their own path, whether miserable or happy, rich or poor, the individual doesn’t have a “leader” telling them how to live. The separation of powers makes it so that we don’t have something as pathetic as Venezuela. Most of my generation (maybe because we all grew up wanting to be famous on television) wants to be led by some great, enthusiastic, charismatic leader. The original ideas brought into the new world are dying. In Houston there is a mural of Obama. (Not in a state or federal building.) That’s not American. The American shouldn’t idolize and beg to be told how to live properly. We have lost our way because assimilation is deemed racist or something. Like my ancestors, I would rather starve, fight, and die than wait in line for a man/woman to decide on what rations I get. Some of you may have just finished your intro to philosophy class and want to say something smart like, “you think you’re free? you’re a slave to materialism, a slave to the corporate machine, a slave to fake money. you think you are fulfilling your own goals but they are goals given to you because you are limited to certain options, therefore you are not free, etc.” All I have to say to those bedwetters is, (in an anology to make it short) I am free to quit my job, I am free to not be able to pay rent, I am free to get kicked out of my apartment, I am free to default on my loans and car, and I am free to starve. The moment I take unemployment checks, foodstamps, donations, public housing, etc. Then I am no longer free. If you don’t like freedom because it means sick and poor people, then I understand why you like Chavez and progressive/socialist/modernamericanliberalism.”




Blatant LIES.

*Two posts in one day?! What a miracle. This is just a draft I wrote a couple weeks back and never got around to finishing til now. Just one of my many [future] rants.*

Sometimes throughout the course of my work day, I’ll venture onto the world wide web and surf various news sites. Some days I’ll spend the majority of my day reading through articles, blogs and comments. And most days which I do this, I get so infuriated by what I read I can hardly stand anything. It’s a masochistic type guilty pleasure I guess. Something about the adrenaline. It’s sick I know. But it passes time quite effectively when works slow.

I think the website that frustrates me the most is one called Venezuelan Analysis. For those of my many [billions and trillions] of readers that don’t know, I was born in Venezuela to a Venezuelan mother. (My father’s from Norway, but that’s neither here nor there.) So even though my family moved to the States when I was very young and I’ve become in all senses of the word quite “American”, I still pay heavy attention to the state of the country. We also have extended family that still resides there and my mom has plenty contact with old friends so on top of discussing United States politics, my mom and I tend to discuss Venezuelan politics as well.

Back to the offending website, though. The beauty of the United States is that websites such as Venezuelan Analysis (which I’ll refer from here on out to as “VA”) and blog posts such as this very one are allowed and encouraged to simultaneously float the web for anybody to read. My issue with it (and my issue with so much of the media here in the US as well) is that they promote themselves as unbiased and clear and straightforward news, when unfortunately, they’re the complete opposite. And so much worse than the media in the US.

I guess my biggest problem with VA, is the saddness it invokes in me. The views of the writers are so out-of-touch with anything sensible and unfortunately it seems to aligned with the majority of the population in Venezuela. And while democracy has proven to be the best form of government, what happens when the populace is ignorant and misinformed? I know that is my opinion, but I can hardly believe I’m alone in thinking a country is on the wrong track if they have food shortages, 75% rolling black outs, corrupt police and justice system, etc. Imagine worrying about whether a police officer is approaching you with good intentions or to simply rob you?

Venezuela has always been plagued with corrupt governments and overwhelming poverty. But Chavez’ revolution has done nothing but drive Venezuela deeper into that same hole.