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Schoolhouse rockblues.

Classes started last week and with it tons of anxiety as well. I’ve been out of school for five years, going on six, and I’m completely out of practice. Even though I’m only taking three classes, with a 40-hour work week, I’m pretty loaded. Plus on top of that I have a titten and a hims and a home to look after, so no easy task. But even though I wish I’d taken everyone’s advice and started college immediately after high school, a part of me is glad I’m starting that chapter of my life now. I’m more mature, more focused, and way more of a home body than I was 4-5 years ago. Plus it’s good to be busy.

Last week was TOO busy though. It was my last week at my second job since I wasn’t able to quit the week before I started school. (That would’ve been ideal…) But through all the craziness, Tuesday was a wonderful night. Jason had gotten on the list for a Lynard Skynard tribute show (hosted by Michael Berry). If you grew up in the south, you know swamp rock and you know Lynard Skynard. Jason particularly was raised listening to southern rock and blues. So the band was fanatastic, the free food was wonderful, managed to snag a picture with Michael Berry himself (I’ll post a picture later..), and got to meet Steve Cropper, who is a very, very talented musician in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, but the highlight of my night is when the band started playing “Simple Man.” I noticed to my right a young man was helping his (what I assumed to be) girlfriend from her wheelchair to stand and dance with him. It was a very sweet moment (let’s just say my eyes wouldn’t stay dry) and I’m glad to have been there to witness it. Later on, I struck up a conversation with the girl, whose name is Vanessa, and spent most of the rest of my night talking to her. I gave her my e-mail, and she has yet to send me a message, but I hope to to see one soon. Her story and the tenderness of that moment were very moving for me.

I’m glad to report that 2013 has been wonderful so far.



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