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This Blog is NOT Abandoned; At least not entirely.

I suppose it’s blog law in blog world that some blogs will get abandoned. I pretty much predicted this in my first post about this particular blog aaaaand turns out it [almost] came to frutition. But in my defense (and here come the excuses…), life happened. And the holidays. Which are really a huge pain in the rear. But aside from starting a new job in September, and then another in November, (and then a part-time second job in December…no really.), there were also holiday parties, and tons of shopping, and a wedding…the list really does go on. But now it’s back to drab and drool reality and a not so hectic start of 2013. It’s funny how during the slow periods I tend to wish more was going on, and once life gets a crazy I almost breakdown in tears wishing for a chance to just relax on the couch.

I’ve never given resolutions much thought. It seems to be a trend with some people that others tend to bash and maybe this stigma has always kept me from actually making resolutions for fear of falling into that category of people that never follow through. I’m not going to make resolutions 1-10. Or really a resolution in the popularly agreed definition of this phenomena. But I do find myself welcoming 2013 with a different vigor than 2012; a vigor much more positive than any feeling I’ve had in the last few years.

I’d characterize my first few years after high school as a period of youthful and naive invincibility. And, I assume as a rule of life, there was a natural dissipation of optimism of my youth that’s characterized the last two to three years. I chalk this up to growing up as well as a disinterest in the career ladder I was on and highly torrential relationship that spanned most of 2010 and 2011. Needless to say my outlook on 2012 was fairly negative.

If life is just a series of ups and downs, I was on my first very real down of my adult life. But 2012 quickly picked up. I started dating the man of my dreams (quite literally, I was infatuated with him from an early age…but that’s another story…), I moved to a part of the city I’ve been dying to live in, and as for my biggest feat, I quit working in a horrid industry that most likely contributed to 75% of my unhappiness. Looking back, that might be the most daring and spontaneous decision I’ve ever made. While not an easy decision, I mulled it over for maybe a month. I had a modest savings account and once I had the idea in my head that I COULD live off these savings for a couple months, I gave my resignation and saved every penny of every paycheck I could for the next three weeks after. I had no solid job offers. Hell, I hardly even had job opportunities. But there was something telling me it was the right decision. Granted, it was probably my own voice convicing me it was the right thing, but it worked. I figured I had enough money saved up to last me six months, and if I could exert all my energy into job searching, there was no way I wouldn’t find something.

Five months later, after awesome [unemployed] crib life, one part-time job that hardly covered my expenses, and a full-time job that seemed where I’d be stuck at for while with okay pay, I landed the job I was wishing for that day I gave my notice to my old boss. It’s not the perfect job, nor is it my dream job, but for the time being it fits. I don’t dread going to work or have mini-anxiety spells in the last few hours of my days off before bed.

I didn’t really start writing this entry knowing where I’d go with it — I think I started to ramble towards the end. But I guess this has all come together to me as a realization that I am happy. And I’m glad to start the new year off with a happy feeling. Everything in it’s right place.


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