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Yesterday was my last day at the Speech Therapy clinic. My supervisor said to me as we were leaving that God (or the universe, as I prefer) does things for a reason and that me working there for a short time was not insignificant. She really believes that I was meant to be exposed to and learn about something I’d never paid much attention to. The last thing she said to me was that she’s sure our paths will cross again when I’m an SLP.

I think I know what career path I want to follow and at the same time, I don’t. I had this conversation with Jason about a month ago and I’ve been playing with the idea about going to school to be an SLP for some time now. What’s crazy is that I never once approached my boss with this or even mentioned it in passing.

So driving home yesterday after work, it’s all I could think about. And I felt something indescribable. Somewhere between being undeniably sure and a little at peace. I decided a few months ago that human resources was my calling and that I’d be really good at it and while this sentiment hasn’t changed, I think I want something more challenging. Something fulfilling and that will keep me on my toes.

At work, I’ve seen some of therapist make so much progress with their clients, the majority being children. The work they do is so beautiful. And it’s such an exciting future to look forward to.


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